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3 Responses to "Day 4 – August 18th – Rev. Rachel Lonberg"
  1. Barb VanEseltine says:

    One of the things I got from Rev. Rachel is this:
    When we acknowledge that Black babies are 4 times more likely to die at birth than White babies in our county, and then we put that away and keep on with our lives, we lose a piece of our integrity/ a piece of our soul.

    I agree and empathize. I see that “Cradle Kalamazoo” is working on this issue.

    I have heard from our brown/black siblings in Kalamazoo that they want to see the White people show up. I’m ready to say that I haven’t done my part but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask how. Is sending money to “Cradle Kalamazoo” showing up? Is there some “in person” think I should be doing?

  2. Douglas King says:

    Thank you Rev. Rachel for these powerful words!

  3. Sheila D Takyi says:

    Wow! Thank you Rev. Rachel for sharing your story and for being so honest. Stories like yours will help heal people hearts.

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