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5 Responses to "Day 1 – August 15th – Elder Doug King"
  1. Emily Bettencourt says:

    Dr. King, thank you for the warm welcome.. My husband Tom Hackley and I are joining the Journey. and I am planning to take this opportunity to examine and think about racism in me, in society, and the institutions that shaped my development as a white person and as an American. I’ll be asking friends or family members to join me on these walks, bike rides and conversations. We are members of Peoples UU Church. Towards a Beloved Community, Emily Bettencourt

  2. Douglas King says:

    Thank you Emily and Tom for your warm comments. We are certainly all in this together as we build toward the Beloved Community.
    Elder King

  3. Rev. Joslyn says:

    Elder King thank you for your inspiring words. ISAAC and the Kalamazoo community are Blessed to have you as a strong servant leader. You hold the banner for peace high.

  4. Sheila D Takyi says:

    Thats how you get us going Elder King. Thank you for the pep talk. I headed out to walk now. Good luck on your journey as well.

  5. Cathy Phason says:

    Thank you Dr. King for your inspiring words! It’s amazing to hear your encouragement and passion!

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