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The right thing to do…

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I am walking because I want to do more than sit around discussing systemic racism; I want my faith to be more than an academic exercise. And I recognize that, while becoming more and more aware of a problem is an important step toward change, that change will not come through talk alone. While I am only one person and cannot do everything, I can do something. My prayer is that, by the grace of God, I may not let what I cannot do, stop me from doing what I can. I know that lasting change can happen when people get together. There is freedom in speaking the truth as best I can understand it. I am walking while humbling praying that God will strengthen and lead me in more fully becoming part of the solution rather than remaining part of the problem. And, finally, I am walking to help make a better tomorrow for all 13 of my wonderful grandchildren. May God bless all of our efforts to build a more beloved community together!

Coach Dick Shilts

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  1. Sheila D Takyi says:

    I always enjoy talking to you Mr. Shirts. You are always willing listen and engage. Thank you for being you.

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