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Self Care

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I choose to run, roll and walk in my neighborhood as an act of radical self care. I run to release the anger and pain of systemic racism so I don’t become bitter and sick. I crank up the resistance on my bike to build the strength I need to stand for justice. I walk to music and stories that connect me to my ancestors who gave their lives for my rights. The fight for racial justice is not over. I commit to joining ISAAC on the journey Washington DC.

Regena Nelson


2 Responses to "Self Care"
  1. Charlae M Davis says:

    Thank you so very much Dr. R for joining us on this journey!! Thank you for your “why.” So true, As POC, I’m continually learning the importance of self-care and connecting to my strength source. This is vital, so that we can continue in this fight for justice. We appreciate you!! <3

  2. Rochelle Habeck says:

    Thank you, Regena, for the wisdom of your self care. Your relentless commitment and steady leadership in working for racial justice and equity are very inspiring and motivating to me and to many.

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