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Racism is a Lie

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My daughter, Annalise, and I walk to shine light on and share conversation about dismantling structural racism. “Racism is a lie about our fellow human beings for it says that some are less than others. It is also a lie about God … Because of our Biblical understanding of who God is and what God […]


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I walked for racial justice, for being present as the NAACP travelers put their feet in the waters of the river by Assin-Manso in Ghana. At Yom Kippor, we reflect: If I have harmed you knowingly- or unknowingly. I walk to continue my awareness and action. Robin Pollens  

Walking to DC

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It’s time to change the world. We have talked, listened and we have information that will cause us to see things different. Yes, the world has changed and we can’t, and don’t want to go back. Lindy and i are walking for change and for a better world. The time is now, we can be […]


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I walk because I speak loud and clear for Racial Justice. I walk so other will know my purpose is for racial equality. I walk for the those who can’t speak for themselves. I walk for the good trouble!!!! Sheila Takyi

For the future

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The reason that I’m moving or not moving today is thanks to others. It is important to always remember the people that come before us and moved the world to a better place. Some more prominent figures like Cesar Chaves and less prominent but as important like parents they all play a roll where we’re […]

Speak Up and Speak Out!

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Against racial injustice in all forms. That’s what I am going to do. I am making my efforts by walking WMU’s track on my way to DC virtually. Charlotte Ojediran-Whitfield  

My Journey

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I started this journey as a white woman with the intention of taking this Issac opportunity to examine and think about the racism in me, in society, and the institutions that shaped my development as a white person. I’m sharing my walks and thoughts with friends or family members who join me on these walks, […]

It’s time

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60 years ago the civil rights struggle angered and inspired me. I rebelled against my Republican roots because I realized that the conservative philosophy was only an excuse for inaction. I thought Racial justice would happen because it was so obviously the right thing. Now I don’t have much time left for it to happen, […]


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I am walking for racial justice this year because fairness is foundational. Systemic racism is not fair. White privilege is not fair. At my core, I believe in fairness. I would love to see us build the Beloved Community, starting small and spreading throughout the world but as a start: let us create fairness. Barb […]

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