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No to Fascism!

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I walked to the prayer vigil at Arcadia Festival Site today to join the peaceful protest against the neofascists who came to our town to march with their message of hate. The biggest flag they carried said “Trump” and their chant as they arrived was “4 more years”. The media will focus on the few protestors who came for a physical fight with the fascists, and on the police in riot gear who separated the two groups. I want you to know that many others were there in peaceful protest of the hate and the racism and the violence of white supremacy.

Tobi Hanna-Davies


2 Responses to "No to Fascism!"
  1. Charlae M Davis says:

    Thank you so very much Tobi for joining us on this journey!! Thank you for your “why.” Thank you that as a White Ally, you didn’t allow your silence to be violence. We appreciate you!! <3

  2. Sheila D Takyi says:

    Thank you Tobi for your voice!

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