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For the future

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The reason that I’m moving or not moving today is thanks to others. It is important to always remember the people that come before us and moved the world to a better place. Some more prominent figures like Cesar Chaves and less prominent but as important like parents they all play a roll where we’re today at. I am very thankful for all the hard work and hardship they endure for us to be a little more free.

I share this picture of me and my mom as she is a wonderful person that has shown me to be humble and loving with others. A person that came before me that has nothing but love and no hate to offer.

Irving Quintero


2 Responses to "For the future"
  1. Sheila D Takyi says:

    Way to keep moving

  2. Tobi Hanna-Davies says:

    Creo que tu Mama esta tan orgullosa de ti. I think your mother is so proud of you! Ella te enseño bien. She taught you well. Did I say that right? (i’m doing Duolingo everyday because I want to show you and other Spanish speakers that you are WELCOME in this community!)

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