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I walk for racial justice because I simply have to. There’s no valid or legitimate reason for me not to. How can I not walk in resistance to the things that hold black and brown people in bondage. Some sat down at lunch counters, while others rode buses to help establish our freedom, so what possible excuse do I have for not doing my part? This fight against systematic oppression has dialed 911 and I feel I need to respond as quickly and as intentionally as possible. The fighters before me have given their lives to abolish this systematic racism that keeps so many of us down, and so I must do my part. We all must do our part. Every step I take is a step to destroy the racism that exists in our country and our world. Therefore, I invite you to join myself and so many others as we take these necessary steps for racial justice. The walk we are on goes not just to Washington DC, but beyond. We’re worth the sacrifice!

Douglas King

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  1. Sheila D Takyi says:

    Thank you Elder King for that powerful and encouraging story. I will keep waking for justice!

  2. Thank you for your optimistic words. It is up to us to continue fighting on our every day life to better our world.

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