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A White Runner Reflects on Privilege

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I have been running since 1970; this is my 50th year. In reflecting all my running experiences, I have reflected on all the unknown routes I tackled with little regard to my safety. Dogs maybe, not people. I fondly recall when I launched from the campus of the University of Toronto and ran to the lake; being surprised at one point when all the signs were in Chinese. When Armoud Arbery was killed it hit me in the gut. Are there Black people who must consider their safety before they launch? How unfair! How sad. Since March, I have run with that awareness. I wonder if part of the disparate impact in health outcomes come from my Black brothers and sisters choosing safety over the joy of running EVERYWHERE.

Ray Sweany


One Response to "A White Runner Reflects on Privilege"
  1. Sheila D Takyi says:

    Thank you for sharing your story.

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