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Cycled for Change

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I cycled for change. We need to guarantee the “liberty and justice for all” that we repeatedly pledge. It is our patriotic duty to be “one nation” and not a country divided into a hierarchy of white supremacy. I cycled, pondered and prayed that we all become the patriots we proclaim to be and truly […]

We Journey On

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As a household we move for racial justice and walk in faith for change. As we move for racial justice, we remember our ancestors, their sweat, blood, tears and cries. They helped pave the way for us through their fervent prayers, strength, faith in God, hope, and steadfastness. They journeyed on so that a better […]

I Walk for Change

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I walk for racial justice on hopes that this journey will one day be over, we must march /walk until journey is won, we need justice in our community, and all around the world and not just when tragic events happen, I will walk for those that are not here to walk for themselves, I […]

Metropolitan Kalamazoo NAACP

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Even though we have been on this journey for hundreds of years, we must continue to march on until the battle for justice, equality and equity is won! VOTE! Wendy Fields

Running for Ahmaud

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I work as a career coach and manager in Kalamazoo, MI and am training for my first ultra marathon, 34 miles. I thought this would be a great way to motivate me to complete my training miles and run for a cause I care about. I have been wearing my Ahmaud Arbery bib many runs […]

Why We Walk

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  We walk for justice because it is the right thing to do. We need justice in our community, we need justice in our country and we need justice across the world. A just society is a promise of hope, we need hope if we are to achieve the god given potential for each and […]


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I walk for racial justice because I simply have to. There’s no valid or legitimate reason for me not to. How can I not walk in resistance to the things that hold black and brown people in bondage. Some sat down at lunch counters, while others rode buses to help establish our freedom, so what […]

I need exercise!

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I’m not getting enough exercise during COVID. Too many zoom meetings and emails! But the ISAAC Virtual Journey helps me get moving. Being able to show my ISAAC Beloved CommunityT-shirt wherever I go, and logging my miles when I get home, and joining everyone here in collective action for racial justice–is very motivating for me. […]

A White Runner Reflects on Privilege

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I have been running since 1970; this is my 50th year. In reflecting all my running experiences, I have reflected on all the unknown routes I tackled with little regard to my safety. Dogs maybe, not people. I fondly recall when I launched from the campus of the University of Toronto and ran to the […]

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