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Watch the actual March on Washington 2020!

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This year in DC, the March on Washington theme is: The Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks.

The Commitment March will take place on August 28th, 2020 — the 57th anniversary of the historic March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" Speech. Announced by Rev. Al Sharpton during George Floyd's memorial it is co-convened by Martin Luther King, III. This intergenerational inclusive day of action will demonstrate our advocacy for comprehensive police accountability reform, the Census, and mobilizing voters for the November elections.


August 27th, 8pm-10pm EST
Music, reflections, panels, and young activists.

August 28th EST
Gather: 7am
Pre-program: 8am-11am
Program: 11am-1pm
March: 1pm


March on Washington, 1963 & 2020

History of the March on Washington:

The March on Washington was a massive protest march that occurred in August 1963, when 250,000 people gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. This March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom was aimed to draw attention to continuing challenges and inequalities faced by African Americans a century after emancipation. It was also the occasion of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech.

This year in DC, the March on Washington theme is: The Commitment March: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks.”


Any movement from any location that you choose. You may run, walk, bike, or roll on the road, sidewalk, trail, treadmill or track, or even swim or row. You pick your movement for this journey. *Whatever you do, we ask that you practice social distancing and wear a mask

Why Racial Justice?

ISAAC works to lift all forms of oppression as wrong as many identity groups are facing oppression currently. Yet this year and the past few years we have been seeing racism manifesting itself in the form of violence and hatred towards People of Color including Indigenous, Asian, Asian Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian, Alaskan Native, South West Asian, Northern African, Black, African, Caribbean, Brown and Latinx communities.


By yourself or with your own household, you may choose your participation any of the 30 days, all month long!


On the day(s) of your choice as many times as you would like to move/journey between August 15-September 20th.


Wherever you feel comfortable and safe walking, running, rolling, swimming, biking, rowing, or moving.

How to Participate

Register FREE online to be counted on this journey.



The Days You Journey

  • Watch the daily inspirational video
  • Upload a picture to our event website OR
  • Upload a short video that tells why you are moving for racial justice. (20 seconds – 1 minute)
  • For those ready, what is your personal commitment for racial justice? (20 seconds-1 minute)



Log Your Results

  • Miles
  • Distance
  • Steps
  • Time – minutes and hours




  • The days you get out to journey for Racial Justice. Keep track of your miles/steps/distance/time spent and log them on our event website.
  • Watch the videos of fellow community members participating.
  • Share your journey to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.
  • If you can, make a donation to ISAAC for our Beloved Community Work.

Choose your favorite place to share...


For the Protection of POC

We want to honor that daily activities are not always safe for People of Color! We will notify our Public Safety Departments so they know about this event and that folks will be out moving increasingly over this month. We will also ask them that they too journey and upload photos/videos for Racial Justice.

Please keep your phone on you if you experience any concerning activity as a Person of Color connected to racism. We encourage you to download the MI Justice app which automatically downloads and saves any video you begin to the ACLU.






Miles Traveled Together

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Music Playlist

Hear songs about justice, equity and unity. Post your own songs.

Listen to Beloved Community Members

share why they're moving for racial justice.

Upload your photos and videos. Watch fellow Beloved Community Member Participants who are moving for Racial Justice.

I cycled for change. We need to guarantee the “liberty and justice for all” that we repeatedly pledge. It is our patriotic duty to be “one nation” and not a country divided into a hierarchy of white supremacy. I cycled, pondered and prayed that we all become the patriots we proclaim to be and truly [...]

As a household we move for racial justice and walk in faith for change. As we move for racial justice, we remember our ancestors, their sweat, blood, tears and cries. They helped pave the way for us through their fervent prayers, strength, faith in God, hope, and steadfastness. They journeyed on so that a better [...]

I walk for racial justice on hopes that this journey will one day be over, we must march /walk until journey is won, we need justice in our community, and all around the world and not just when tragic events happen, I will walk for those that are not here to walk for themselves, I [...]

Even though we have been on this journey for hundreds of years, we must continue to march on until the battle for justice, equality and equity is won! VOTE! Wendy Fields

I work as a career coach and manager in Kalamazoo, MI and am training for my first ultra marathon, 34 miles. I thought this would be a great way to motivate me to complete my training miles and run for a cause I care about. I have been wearing my Ahmaud Arbery bib many runs [...]

  We walk for justice because it is the right thing to do. We need justice in our community, we need justice in our country and we need justice across the world. A just society is a promise of hope, we need hope if we are to achieve the god given potential for each and [...]

I walk for racial justice because I simply have to. There’s no valid or legitimate reason for me not to. How can I not walk in resistance to the things that hold black and brown people in bondage. Some sat down at lunch counters, while others rode buses to help establish our freedom, so what [...]

I’m not getting enough exercise during COVID. Too many zoom meetings and emails! But the ISAAC Virtual Journey helps me get moving. Being able to show my ISAAC Beloved CommunityT-shirt wherever I go, and logging my miles when I get home, and joining everyone here in collective action for racial justice–is very motivating for me. [...]

I have been running since 1970; this is my 50th year. In reflecting all my running experiences, I have reflected on all the unknown routes I tackled with little regard to my safety. Dogs maybe, not people. I fondly recall when I launched from the campus of the University of Toronto and ran to the [...]

My daughter, Annalise, and I walk to shine light on and share conversation about dismantling structural racism. “Racism is a lie about our fellow human beings for it says that some are less than others. It is also a lie about God … Because of our Biblical understanding of who God is and what God [...]

I walked for racial justice, for being present as the NAACP travelers put their feet in the waters of the river by Assin-Manso in Ghana. At Yom Kippor, we reflect: If I have harmed you knowingly- or unknowingly. I walk to continue my awareness and action. Robin Pollens  

It’s time to change the world. We have talked, listened and we have information that will cause us to see things different. Yes, the world has changed and we can’t, and don’t want to go back. Lindy and i are walking for change and for a better world. The time is now, we can be [...]

I walk because I speak loud and clear for Racial Justice. I walk so other will know my purpose is for racial equality. I walk for the those who can’t speak for themselves. I walk for the good trouble!!!! Sheila Takyi

The reason that I’m moving or not moving today is thanks to others. It is important to always remember the people that come before us and moved the world to a better place. Some more prominent figures like Cesar Chaves and less prominent but as important like parents they all play a roll where we’re [...]

Against racial injustice in all forms. That’s what I am going to do. I am making my efforts by walking WMU’s track on my way to DC virtually. Charlotte Ojediran-Whitfield  

I started this journey as a white woman with the intention of taking this Issac opportunity to examine and think about the racism in me, in society, and the institutions that shaped my development as a white person. I’m sharing my walks and thoughts with friends or family members who join me on these walks, [...]

60 years ago the civil rights struggle angered and inspired me. I rebelled against my Republican roots because I realized that the conservative philosophy was only an excuse for inaction. I thought Racial justice would happen because it was so obviously the right thing. Now I don’t have much time left for it to happen, [...]

I am walking for racial justice this year because fairness is foundational. Systemic racism is not fair. White privilege is not fair. At my core, I believe in fairness. I would love to see us build the Beloved Community, starting small and spreading throughout the world but as a start: let us create fairness. Barb [...]

I am walking because I want to do more than sit around discussing systemic racism; I want my faith to be more than an academic exercise. And I recognize that, while becoming more and more aware of a problem is an important step toward change, that change will not come through talk alone. While I [...]

Fascism makes no sense. I understand that war and I justice happen(slavery), but to hold onto those sentiments long after the issue has been resolved is destruction for no reason. How do you know an individual you have never even met? Christopher Roberts  

This time in our country feels like a potential tipping point – if we continue on and bring all with us who want to see racial justice as a reality in this country and in our culture. I am walking to stay vigorously on this path and to support ISAAC in its profound leadership in [...]

Dear Beloved Community Members, the first day of our Journey Event, Saturday, I did not walk. There were neo-nazis in our city, rallying for hate and violence toward those of us they see as “others.” But honestly, this is not new to us. As Black folks we are taught, very early on, as a survival [...]

Lindy and I are walking to DC to support the “Get Your Knee Off Our Necks” march August 28th. We are walking for Peace and Racial Justice. Steve Barber

I walked to the prayer vigil at Arcadia Festival Site today to join the peaceful protest against the neofascists who came to our town to march with their message of hate. The biggest flag they carried said “Trump” and their chant as they arrived was “4 more years”. The media will focus on the few [...]

I choose to run, roll and walk in my neighborhood as an act of radical self care. I run to release the anger and pain of systemic racism so I don’t become bitter and sick. I crank up the resistance on my bike to build the strength I need to stand for justice. I walk [...]

Messages From Community Members & Supporters

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"I wasn't around to march on Washington in 1963. This is our turn. Come, join ISAAC, we are called to repeat this journey in 2020 because racial injustice and racism are still with us today. Do your part and help create a more equitable and just society."

"This is the TIME to stand out for justice, be the face for CHANGE, and be passionate to DO MORE...the harvest is rip, but the laborers are few."

"I'm excited to be traveling to DC with other community members. It will give my running even more of a purpose than for my physical and mental health; it will be for the physical and mental health of others in our community. In solidarity against racism and continuing to learn."

"In memory of my dad, Jim Dailey. He dreamed of a better world."

"We value the connections we have through ISAAC and ISAAC's anti-racism work in our community and beyond!"

"We are excited and blessed that ISAAC is a part of our life. Our country and local community are in dire need of this Beloved Community that advocates for justice and stands for Black Lives. We are grateful to be able to participate."


"We support Isaac and others who continue the work for racial justice and equity."

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*Two days will be announced and offered to pick up your shirt. If you are unable to pick it up, due to mobility obstacles we will drop the shirt off to you.

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